Vision and Mission


The development of human resource with the substantial knowledge in ICT through Agricultural information.


To ensure information and information based planning the necessity of imparting ultra modern quality agro-technology based information through digital information device to make the country self-sufficient to food and nutrition and skilled academician, agricultural scientists and technicians.


Library contributes to the attainment of the broad objectives of the university study, teaching, research and community service. Library can help the students and the disseminate their knowledge through research and publication, BAU is to provide higher education and conducting research programmes in the field of agriculture and allied disciplines like Vet. Science, Economics and Fisheries etc. The objectives of this library are to conserve knowledge and partake therefore in attaining course curricular objectives and promoting research programmes of this university.


Main objectives are : -

  • To serve the main purpose of the establishment of the university;
  • To acquire materials based on the curriculum to meet the need of the teachers, students and research workers;
  • To organize the materials for rendering service to the right person in right time with right materials;
  • To establish relations and Inter and its library cooperation within the universities home and aboard through advance studies and research in the field of Agriculture and allied branches by exchanging or inter-library loan system and otherwise;
  • To apprise faculty members for newly acquired materials;
  • To extend formal and informal guidance to users regarding library resources and services;
  • To co-operate and collaborate with faculty colleagues in every possible way to achieve the aims and objectives of the university; and

To provide digital facilities of library services and to ensure that the library is fulfilling its mission effectively.